Italian streetwear brand Dolly Noire teams up with the Pokémon Center for new “Legends of Johto” merch line

Dolly Noire Ho-Oh t-shirt
The “Legends of Johto” capsule collection by Italian streetwear design collective Dolly Noire has arrived online at the Pokémon Center for customers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. The premiumly-priced collection consisting of seven t-shirts ($49.99 USD each) and two sweatshirts ($144.99 and $129.99 USD) is part of the larger Pokémon collection available via Dolly Noire’s website. The larger collection, which does ship internationally, includes additional pieces not available at the Pokémon Center, like Poké Ball socks and a beanie.

Dolly Noire Mewtwo sweatshirt
Dolly Noire Ultra Ball hat
Dolly Noire Raikou t-shirt

Despite the name, “Legends of Johto” includes starters and Legendary Pokémon from both Kanto and Johto. Favorites featured include the Johto starters, Charizard, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, the Legendary birds, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Mewtwo.

Dolly Noire Legendary bird t-shirt
Dolly Noire Great Ball socks
Dolly Noire Charizard sweatshirt
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