Valentine's Day comes early to Café ReMix with the Charming Emolga event, and Inteleon in its new Suave Server Five-Star Chef outfit

Charming Emolga
Valentine's Day is coming early to Pokémon Café ReMix, with the new Charming Emolga event offering players the chance to acquire a new charming outfit for Emolga in the outdoor tea party mode. Meanwhile in Pelipper Deliveries, Inteleon is appearing in its brand new Five-Star Chef outfit, and Porygon2 makes a return. Electrode also returns to the café in the Roll, Electrode! Team Orders event, where players have to gather stars in order to get rewards.

Charming Emolga
The latest outdoor tea party event is currently ongoing in Pokémon Café ReMix, featuring Emolga in its new Charming outfit. This new type of event was introduced at the beginning of the year with the Hungry Miraidon event. This mode is based on the Slow Cooking mode, which was introduced in late 2023, except that now players can choose which Pokémon they want to feed, and get different rewards according to the Pokémon they feed. When a Pokémon is fed, players will receive Delicious Points according to their score, which are required in order to make a Pokémon customer happy.

In the Charming Emolga event, which will run through to February 5th, at 9:59pm (PST), players will need to raise all customer Pokémon Delicious Level's up to level 6 in order to get access to Emolga's Delicious Points. Players who can raise Emolga's Delicious Level to 7 will receive the new Emolga: Charming outfit. Other rewards offered in this event are Golden Acorns, Emolga Cookies, Tarts, Milestone Cookies, Skip Tickets and Megaphone Makers. Players who have purchased this month's Premium Course will receive a +10% Delicious Points bonus on all orders.

Emolga: Charming specializes in Small Plates, with a maximum puzzle score of 404. Its Special Gimmicks are Coffee Ice, Condensed Milk and Tea. It requires 90 points to spawn its skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks in a Y pattern right where it's used, then replaces Pokémon icons above with icons of the most common Pokémon. Raising its Outfit Grade rewards +3% bonus puzzle score for each grade, with the fourth grade giving an additional Score + for Coffee Ice.

Entranced by Emolga! Stamps
Along with the new event, special log-in stamps are now available! By logging in for 10 days, players can receive up to a total of x3,000 Golden Acorns, along with Whistles, an Inteleon Express Delivery Ticket, Tarts and Milestone Cookies. This stamp board will be available until February 5th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Mission Bingo
Two new bingo cards are now available alongside this event, with a third bingo card to be added on January 27th, at 10:00pm (PST), which players will only be able to access by first completing card No. 2. These bingo cards will remain available until February 5th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Missions for these bingo cards include going to the main page (Charming Emolga), obtaining stars, adding certain Pokémon to your lineup, clearing bingo card lines, playing Daily Training, playing Charming Emolga, reaching Delicious Levels with certain Pokémon, using skills, cheering for Team Members, clearing certain gimmicks, receiving Daily Stamps, clearing icons, using megaphones, using combined skills, achieving certain scores (Daily Training), making the last number of your score a certain number (Charming Emolga) and sending Pelipper on Delivery.

Rewards for clearing bingo lines meanwhile include Tarts, Golden Acorns, Skip Tickets, Milestone Cookies, Max Level Tickets (Lv. 5), Max Level Tickets (Lv. 10), Max Level Tickets (Lvl. 15) and Skip Tickets.

Inteleon: Suave Server
New Pelipper Deliveries available!

Players need to complete Main Order #10 in order to access Pelipper Delivery.

Inteleon: Suave Server, a new Five-Star Chef!
To celebrate Valentine's Day, Inteleon is now available in its Suave Server outfit through Pelipper Delivery! This Delivery will be available through to February 27th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Inteleon: Suave Server specializes in Small Playes, with a maximum puzzle score of 471. Its Specialty Gimmicks are Cheese, Mayo and Dutch Oven. It requires 150 points to spawn its skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks to the right, then replaces Pokémon icons to the right with icons of the most common Pokémon. Raising its Outfit Grade rewards +3% bonus puzzle score for each grade, with the second grade giving a Starting skill and the fourth grade giving an additional Score ++ for Dutch Oven.

Porygon2 returns!

Porygon2 is returns to help out Emolga! This Pokémon will be available for a limited time until January 28th, at 9:59pm, so make sure to try your luck to get yours, or raise its Outfit Grade.

Roll, Electrode!
Electrode returns in Team Orders event!

Electrode also makes a return to the café this week in new Team orders event, Roll, Electrode!, in which players will need to collect points along with their teammates to have Electrode join their café staff. This event is running through until January 28th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Team orders are event periods where players co-operate together in teams. Team Captains can't remove members from their team during these event periods, however team members can freely leave their team. When joining a team, player's profile name, profile Pokémon, and highest order reached will be visible to other players on the team. If players have Goomy: Macaron Pillow outfit in their lineup, a +400% points bonus will be given, meanwhile if players have Porygon2 in their lineup, a +300% points bonus will be given. Players who have purchased this month's Premium Pass will receive a +50% points bonus for every order, regardless of Pokémon.

By collecting lots of points together as a team, players can earn a variety of rewards, including Tarts, Golden Acorns, and Stamina Shards. Players can also earn up to x8,000 Golden Acorns, x1,600 Milestone Cookies, x23 Electrode Cookies and x5 Electrode.

Version 4.50.0 now available!
This latest update has brought improvements to the implementation of visual effects in delicious lucky spin events, which now allows players the opportunity to skip visual effects when receiving rewards. Other than this improvement, no other known changes have been made in this update. Players will need to update the app to this version in order to continue playing the game.

Snivy Pass now available!
Snivy, a returning Pokémon, is currently available in a Special Pass from the in-game shop for USD $10 (or the equivalent in local currency). This pass grants players the opportunity to obtain up to x15,000 Golden Acorns, along with other rewards. In order to obtain rewards, players must clear orders to obtain stars and raise their ranks in the Pass. This Special Pass also includes up to x15 Sweet Tarts M, x23 Snivy Cookies, x5 Snivy and x20 Sweet Tarts L.
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